Reservations are Required.

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Make a reservation to join us in person in our Studio! It's a great way to get together and spend time with family, friends or co-workers.

Our Maker Classes will guide you through the process of making a great smelling candle or perfume! Grab your friends and spend some time with us creating your own! Our classes can take 30 mintues - 1 hour, during which time you create something special.

Our friendly Class Instructors will lead you throughout each process to ensure your candle sets perfectly and that you create a perfume uniquely yours.  

Your candle will need to dry before you are able to take it home with you, drying time is approximately 1- 1 1/2 hours. During the wait, you can walk to Downtown Mountain View, which is about 3 - 4 short blocks away, to enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner. When you return, we'll have your candle waiting for you. We will hold your items for 30 days if you choose to pick it up another day.

—Perfume Formulation Class—
Our Fragrance Specialists, are knowledgeable in frangrance & blending and will ensure you enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience. Guests will be intriqued as they smell, blend and create something that is truly unique.  We offer a variety of bottle shapes and styles. You'll be able to take your custom fragrance home right away. We offer a variety of fragrance options allowing you to create your own unique blend. 

—Book a Private Party or Group Event—
Our Mountain View Candle Company Studio can host a wide range of events both in person and virtual! For group bookings of 10 or more please contact us to help plan a unique event. inf[email protected] or at 650.963.4212

—General Info—
*Reservations Required
*Price is per person.
*No refunds/returns/exchanges on custom made candle or perfumes.
*No refunds for cancellations made less than 48 hours of reservation.
*Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate walk-ins

For indivdual bookings of 6 or more please contact us to ensure we have space to seat you together. 
[email protected] or at 650.963.4212

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